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Delivery & Distribution Solutions

Services Provided

  • Android Development
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX
  • Quality Assurance (Software/Device Testing)
  • Hardware Sourcing (Handheld Scanner/Label Printer)


  • Native Android
  • Angular
  • AWS
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Bootstrap
  • Swagger
  • GIT
  • Raspberry Pi
  • C# . Net
  • MS SQL Server
  • WebAPI

New solution for increasing service offerings


For Progistics Distribution, Inc., 30-plus years of expertise in last-mile delivery services has allowed them to build technology-driven logistics solutions to support clients in all the lower 48 states. But why stop there? Couldn’t the lessons learned and guiding principles of last-mile services apply to the wider “factory-to-door” delivery service?


In order to achieve its continued vision, Progistics enlisted the help of IntraEdge to assist them in the development and roll-out of a solution (hardware & software) that would seamlessly integrate into its existing TAGNET Operations Platform, to support the tracking of packages as they move across the country from dock, to warehouse, and finally to the end customer.

This solution would require both hardware and software, and the architecture to support heavy cycles of transactions.

For tracking purposes, labels would need to be created for all packages, and these labels would need to be scanned as packages were onboarded and/or offloaded from trucks or warehouses. Key specifications needed to be adhered to in relationship to the environment where the scanners and label printers would be utilized. Offline mode was a necessity, as these locations often had no WiFi or cellular service available. The ruggedness and usability of the hand-held scanners and printers were also critical.

“Having worked on logistic solutions in the past, and having experience with loading docks, large distribution centers, and freight workers, our team knew how to assist in the evaluation of the hardware components,” explained Pete Mueller, who led solution architecture for IntraEdge during this engagement.

“The scanner, printer, and print server selected for this solution were evaluated against cost, durability, usability, and software compatibility.”


IntraEdge developed an Android application to run on the hand-held scanners that provided a workflow and user experience to support the onboard/offboard of packages. Additional features, such as utilizing the scanner’s build in camera to take pictures, and log damaged packages, were also included in the app.

IntraEdge also created a web-based administration portal, where Progistics could run reports and track packages through their lifecycle. In order to avoid a depreciation of services, these systems were integrated with TAGNET utilizing a RESTful application program interface (API) and queueing architecture.

Currently this integrated package tracking system supports 20,000-plus transactions daily, with the ability to scale to cover Progistic’s future visionary growth.

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