Reaching the Destination by Delivering a Custom CRM



Financial Services Company

Services Provided

  • Agile Transformation
  • Design Thinking
  • Project Management
  • Web Development
  • API Development
  • Database Development/Design


  • React
  • Node.js with Hapi/Joi
  • Java with Spring Boot
  • Postgres
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins/CA XL Release
  • Private Cloud using Kubernetes/Docker

Collaboration, speed, and usability had never been more critical.


Delivering premier customer service has always been a pinnacle of our financial services client. Within the industry leader’s premier service organization, the aim was no different, providing thousands of their high value customers with the travel industry’s best, most personalized planning and booking solutions as a benefit. To accomplish their mission for years, internal relationship managers (RMs) utilized a combination of outdated technology, internal systems, and their own personal spreadsheets and sticky notes. They needed a better way forward—and fast.


Our financial service’s Vice President of the division partnered with his internal Technology partners and IntraEdge to help design, develop, and deliver a lean, custom customer relationship management (CRM) solution for its RMs to better serve their unique member base. But before the solution revealed itself, there was only a core set of goals. The map, so to speak, would be charted upon their agile journey.

In leadership’s mind, the first goal was simple: no finger pointing. The executive sponsor commissioned everyone during the initial project design session, declaring, “This has got to be us. We cannot rely on others or say it’s someone else’s job. We’re in this together.” As a result, a diverse group of key stakeholders came together and cross-organization collaboration began, ensuring communication from everyone remained clear and constant.

Second, it was critical to let design lead the way. As a result, the entire effort began with a product-thinking session where multiple stakeholders from all different departments set the tone for what would become one of the fastest, most iterative projects ever delivered within the financial giant. We started with prototyping and user testing effort after everyone’s ideas had been formed. From there, iterative tests and design reviews became regular milestones along the journey, ensuring things were placed in RMs’ hands as quickly as possible.

The leader liked to recall, “There was no manual with the iPhone. It just worked. We needed to deliver something so delightful that our RMs loved using it daily. And I’m happy to report, we did.”

Lastly, the team needed to stay lean and, in the leader’s own words, “get tactical” by bringing the best resources to the table on a very clear budget and timeline. Delivering on their years of expertise and deep talent pool, IntraEdge brought eight local and full-time people to the table to ensure the project achieved every goal, even the most aggressive, while also coordinating between nine other internal resources across functions.

“‘One team, one dream’ became the unified team’s mantra,” remembers Kalpesh Shah, one of IntraEdge’s digital transformation leaders. “We wrote it everywhere and remained laser-focused. Marching forward, in less than six months, we reached our destination.”


Upon the beta rollout of the CRM solution with all RMs, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Taking 85% less time to train staff than expected, leadership’s original goal for usability had been achieved. In one relationship manager’s own words, “The whole concept is wonderful!  Before, I used a notebook, outlook, spreadsheets, and three other internal systems to keep track of nearly the same amount of information that can be stored here. The new system really streamlined our day.”

Considering the complexity of the problem and the constraint in which the solution needed to be delivered, needless to say, the destination had been reached. In the executives own words, “Basically, we built our own version of SalesForce, but without it being clunky or overly-engineered to meet our goals. We designed exactly what our team needed for the best possible service to our customers, because in the end, that’s what it’s all about—delivering the best service possible. IntraEdge helped us achieve that goal, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished together.”

People are the Platform

At IntraEdge, we help innovation stakeholders accomplish their technology goals through quickly identifying the right talent, delivering flexible professional services, and providing skills-based training. Whatever technology solution we deliver, it always comes down to the humans making things happen, which is why we believe at our very core that People are the Platform.

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