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“Organizations of all sizes, across all industries are under significant pressure to reduce risks and maintain industry or regulatory compliance. Feedback 3D, Inc.’s IVEE™ platform is well positioned to become the predominant technology that enables organizations to ensure that employees, contractors and business partners are committed to following compliance controls, policies and procedures.”

J.R. McMurphy

Feedback3D is a revolutionary platform that lets you see how your audience reacts to your content in real time. Why settle just for a thumbs up or thumbs down? Or a static set of emotions? Ride the rollercoaster with your audience!

We researched, developed, and tested a unique technology called IVEE™ (Intelligent Video Emotion Engine). IVEE™ is designed to be customized and integrated into pre-recorded or live broadcasts and videos to capture dynamic feelings, opinions, and emotions of viewers as they watch. It is highly extensible, customizable, and flexible, enabling any organization to customize the type of demographic, psychographic, emotion and activity data being gathered throughout a video.

Get up-to-the minute insight as viewers react and respond while interacting with your content, giving you valuable data on where the emotional peaks and valleys are in your content and what audiences are reacting to the most. You get the exact data you want and you can slice and dice it into as many pieces—big or small—as you like.


Employee Compliance

Feedback 3D’s compliance management software provides state-of-the-art real time management of HR requirements and training content, that can be isolated and targeted on a per response basis. This data can be used to predict future viewer decisions, actions and responses to situations and information. IVEE™ reports also provide a focused, measurable understanding of how viewers are feeling as they watch a broadcast or video, and how their reactions compare with others. This enables your HR department to rapidly respond to viewer input, arming the organization with knowledge on how best to approach, engage and influence viewers of compliance content.

  • Uniquely allows management to chart the employee’s progress throughout the employee’s journey through all required training and compliance information related to doing their job.
  • Holds employees accountable for the information presented to them to determine whether or not they understand the information so they can execute corporate objectives effectively.
  • Cost-effective way to get the information to your employees while still providing management tracking and comprehension data on every team member.
  • Scalable, effective methods of identifying populations that are at higher risk of being out of compliance.

Advertising and Marketing

  • Scrutinize how your content performs in your focus groups
  • Make decisions and release products based on data
  • Validation of customer and consumer demographic and psychographic data
  • Gather and categorize preferences, emotional and psychological motivators and feedback from consumers

Political Polling & Campaigns

  • Voter demographic, psychographic info
  • Real time voter response to messages, speeches, positions on topics
  • Voter emotions, psychological motivators, triggers, voter engagement methods, preferences
  • Refine your messaging based on how your content performs


Feedback 3D, Inc. is currently seeking strategic customer, partner and OEM-White Label relationships. If you are interested in a private screening of the IVEE™ technology or if you would like to hear about our various licensing options and services, please reach out with questions.

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