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GDPR Edge was built by the IntraEdge team in partnership with Intel® as a solution to make GDPR compliance accessible to all businesses. The advanced system of managing the data was developed with the GDPR requirements in mind, making it the best solution available to managing ongoing compliance.

GDPR Edge™ was built to support the compliance of every GDPR requirement. Will your organization meet the requirements?

The GDPR regulation represents a drastic change in data privacy rights and will have a sweeping impact on businesses globally. Any organization with more than 5,000 EU residents, citizens, or dual-citizens as customers will be required to comply, regardless of whether they intentionally or unintentionally do business in the EU.

Organizations will be required to provide complete transparency regarding what data they collect and store and for what purpose. Consumers, or data subjects as they’re referred to in the regulation, will have the right to make changes to retained data, request it be forgotten and will be required to give clear consent for any data capture.

GDPR Edge™ is your enterprise compliance solution

GDPR Edge was developed in direct response to the GDPR. For those organizations that need to comply, it means a complete overhaul of the personal data collection and management process. GDPR Edge is a highly configurable solution to support you in notifying, acting and proving compliance once the GDPR deadline hits. The customer interface allows for easy transaction management and request submissions.

Enterprises can easily manage consumer requests within the admin dashboard. If a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or auditor needs to get involved, it provides a simple interface for all three parties to interact and manage stored data. When implemented correctly, GDPR Edge provides a streamlined solution to manage an organization’s GDPR compliance requirements.

  • Build with GDPR in mind The solution was custom built as an enterprise solution to meet the specific GDPR data processing compliance requirements. For business owners, this means having all the tools in one place to support ongoing GDPR compliance. For consumers, it means being able to easily access and manage all data in one location.
  • A solution for after your assessment Once GDPR needs are understood, we support your organization with the ongoing compliance tools necessary. This means that, as your organization assesses its current data collection process, you can use GDPR Edge to operationalize your ongoing GDPR compliance.

  • Solves complex retailer problems Interactions across any number of platforms and customer touch points are streamlined and managed through one centralized solution. For businesses that have online points of sale (POS), in-person POS, marketing data collection and a variety of other touchpoints, this allows for easy management and GDPR compliance in one place.

Powered by INTEL®

GDPR Edge was built using a Blockchain Ledger where all personal data is collected and untampered. The solution also leverages an onsite Intel® edge device that integrates with point of sales (POS) to secure storefront data capture.

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