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Learn with IntraEdge is a learning agency and workforce development division powered by IntraEdge.

One part creative agency and one part tech product company, Learn with IntraEdge merges the solid foundations of formal and higher education with the fast paced development cycles of the corporate world to create content that is current, relevant but effective, and measurable.

Learners are in a digital world competing for their attention. Learn creates, designs, and develops new ways of seeing content and new technology to address the new challenges companies and their learners are faced with: too much learning and too little time.

Workforce Development Division

Learn creates courses, programs and apprenticeships to train and upskill nontraditional candidates to increase the pool of skilled workers, close the skills gap in the tech workforce and to recruit and place workers into positions in tech with clients at IntraEdge.

Learning Agency

Our learning agency consults, designs and develops people centered, performance-driven learning experiences for our corporate and learning partners. Our team evaluates learning needs to provide solutions by partnering with clients to create out of the box learning experiences. Our work is custom designed and developed for multiple modalities including: online courses, in person training and presentation, handouts and guides, VR, AR and chatbots using creative and original ideas combined with new technologies to achieve a higher production value.

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