QuikSense was developed as a turn-key market-ready solution to help companies get back to business in this “new normal” and is available for nationwide order & delivery.

QuikSense is a medical grade wrist temperature sensor that enables your company to get back to business while supporting the health and privacy of your employees and customers.

QuikSense enables businesses to conduct contactless and privacy-minded health screenings. QuikSense can be tailored to each businesses’ needs and used with existing hardware, like a laptop, desktop computer, or kiosk.

Until now, affordable options on the market, like manual temperature screenings, were high-touch, inconsistent, and unencrypted, but with QuikSense, companies now have access to a cost-effective solution that prioritizes health and privacy.

As companies are shifting and quickly adapting to ever-evolving health guidelines, implementing health-checks in the workplace is an important measure to ensure all protocols are proactively taken to meet these guidelines.

In taking these additional precautions, it is important that employers keep confidentiality of this sensitive data–collected during health checks–top of mind. Truyo’s Health-Check Management Platform insulates employers from this sensitive information by encrypting and transferring this data to a centralized database ensuring CCPA compliance and other data regulations are met.

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