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Truyo was built by the IntraEdge team in partnership with Intel® to make data privacy rights compliance easy and accessible. This purpose-built solution is designed specifically to help address real requirements on an on-going basis

Truyo™ was built to make data privacy rights compliance easy and accessible

As data privacy rights have become law, it’s clear that enterprises need support to efficiently and securely manage both compliance and customer satisfaction. Intel® and IntraEdge came together to address this emerging uncertainty. The result is Truyo, the automated answer that makes it easy for both you and your end customers to exercise and fulfill data rights requests and overall consent management.

Privacy does not have to be complex

Enable your end users to exercise their data privacy rights without overburdening your workforce or your budgets. Truyo gives you true SARs, consent and data privacy rights compliance automation right-sized for your organization. All while helping to keep you current with the latest requirements in privacy rights regulations through our highly scalable, non-disruptive solution. In our uncertain environment, Truyo gives you the confidence of superior performance today, while helping to future proof your investment for tomorrow.

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