Creating exceptional training experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Creating exceptional training experiences that leave a lasting impression.

what we do


Our team of experts guide the discovery and analysis of learner needs to identify priorities and desired outcomes. We transform content into programs that captivate, engage and inspire.




How does this whole process work? What should I expect?2023-10-19T17:18:24+00:00

We’ve got you covered, every step of the way! Check out how here. (insert link)

Do you create totally customized learning experiences?2023-10-19T17:17:54+00:00

a. This is what we love to do! We can create custom learning experiences in a variety of modalities such as in-person instructor led, virtual, eLearn, VR or even chatbots!
b. You can provide all the content and Subject matter Expertise or have us bring in experts to assist with content development.
c. From there we storyboard, prototype, rapid develop, test and implement

Can you take my subject matter content and develop it into a course or program?2023-10-19T17:17:14+00:00

Sure thing! We can create courses and programs from existing content you have. No content? No problem! We can work with your team to document content and create courses and programs.

What is your approach to ensuring content is engaging and effective?2023-10-19T17:16:44+00:00

Our design teams are cream of the crop. They understand how to apply effective storytelling and proven learning design approaches to create content that keeps our learners coming back.

Can you assist with presentation skills or training on how to deliver a presentation effectively? Better yet, can you facilitate delivery of the content for us?2023-10-19T17:16:15+00:00

Absolutely! We provide Train the Trainer services, help unlock facilitator excellence and can even source faculty for ongoing delivery globally.

What do your clients say about IntraEdge?2023-10-19T17:15:38+00:00

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our clients say here.

What is your pricing structure? What can I expect to spend? How does your pricing work?2023-10-19T17:15:05+00:00

Our pricing model is very flexible to meet the scope of each project. We can give you ballpark estimates or detailed proposals with pricing per project, per hour, or customized a la carte package options.

What about confidential or sensitive content?2023-10-19T17:14:28+00:00

No problem! We work with federally regulated industries and cutting edge tech companies so we understand how to handle sensitive content.

What other types of expertise do you have?2023-10-19T17:13:55+00:00

a. Selecting an LMS or integrating with an existing LMS
b. Designing Learner Journeys/Competency Mapping
c. Content consolidation & Data storage
d. Focus groups, Design workshops, Learner Assessments, Discovery
e. Printed materials? App development?

Can you help us keep our content up to date?2023-10-19T17:12:37+00:00

Gladly! We can handle urgent updates and changes and also manage longer term maintenance and measurement.

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