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American Airlines

Major U.S. Airline

Services Provided

  • Design/UX
  • Usability Testing
  • Architecture/ Development
  • Quality Assurance (Manual & Automated)


  • Angular4
  • Ionic3
  • Java-based RESTful web services

Empowering one of the world’s most mobile workforces


The merger of American Airlines and US Airways resulted in American becoming the world’s largest airline. With nearly 15,000 pilots and over 26,000 flight attendants servicing approximately 6,700 flights per day, it has created one of the largest mobile workforces worldwide. Providing effective, usable, and scalable mobile applications for a regionally and demographically diverse workforce is a perpetual challenge, particularly when that workforce is a recent combination of two; both of which are used to company-specific tools and systems.


In 2017, the American Crew IT team embarked on a mission to rebuild and optimize a mobile application that is essential to both pilots and flight attendants. The goal is to provide a mobile solution that is designed to meet crew personnel needs, utilizes a modern technology stack, and properly scales to handle the combined workforce. In addition, the solution is required to support a wide-array of phones and tablets, including both company-issued and personal mobile devices.

American Crew IT partnered with IntraEdge to build a cross-functional design and development team to redesign and rebuild the application, leveraging UI/UX resources from our digital division (Edge Studios) and technology employees from our professional services division. The combined agile team of 20+ American, IntraEdge, and offshore resources is in the midst of building this design-driven solution.

The IntraEdge UI/UX team has been integral in delivering designs and an end-user experience that meets, and often exceeds, the needs of both pilots and flight attendants. Their approach has been to treat these critical airline employees as customers while remembering that employee needs and workflows do not necessarily mirror that of American consumers.

Since project inception, their designs are constantly tested [and re-tested] by actual end-users and the results are closely analyzed and by the UX team. They then work hand-in-hand with developers to implement the tested and proven user experience.

IntraEdge has been working closely with Crew IT staff to architect, develop, and test a cross-platform mobile solution that supports both Android and iOS. By implementing the application using Ionic and AngularJS, the team is removing the need to maintain two disparate and aging codebases. The goal is to provide a solution that is streamlined, scalable, and maintainable, while reducing future operational costs.


The new application has been released to both regional and mainline pilots and will be released to regional and mainline flight attendants soon. During this phased release, our UX and product team continuously monitor user feedback as we seek to constantly improve and update the application. Additionally, we are adding new features including features found in several third-party applications with the hope of providing the optimal “day of” experience to crew members.

By involving both pilots and flight attendants in the design process, gathering and evaluating their feedback, and providing an open dialog, we’ve engaged these employees in a new and positive way. They feel like valued customers. They feel like they have a voice. 

People are the Platform

At IntraEdge, we help innovation stakeholders accomplish their technology goals through quickly identifying the right talent, delivering flexible professional services, and providing skills-based training. Whatever technology solution we deliver, it always comes down to the humans making things happen, which is why we believe at our very core that People are the Platform.

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