Enhancing Assessment Reporting for an e-Learning Platform

Providing educators the data they need to make informed decisions

Benchmark Education is a leader in the educational publishing industry

that wanted to enhance their reporting and analytical capabilities by establishing a new data lake, reporting service and reporting user interface.


Our team of experts at IntraEdge partnered with Benchmark to design and build their new interactive reporting platform for Benchmark Universe.

As a team, we established a cloud native architecture powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This involved Ingestion of student assessment data using AWS Kinesis, establishing data lake using Amazon S3, data warehouse using Amazon Redshift, auto scalable API Engine powered by Java and deployed on Amazon ECS (Fargate), custom reporting platform using React and deployed on Amazon S3 and Cloudfont, CI/CD Pipeline using CircleCI, and infrastructure as a code using AWS CloudFormation.

The entire platform was designed and developed with a robust Agile Team composed of 15+ engineers and designers working both onshore and offshore.


The Benchmark Universe Reporting platform was successfully launched in August 2019

This platform provides new and improved reporting and visualizations for comparing student and class performance data. These new capabilities allow teachers and administrators to make better informed decisions on students’ progress and educational needs. Due to the success of this project, Benchmark has partnered with IntraEdge to help improve other areas of the Benchmark Universe platform.


Benchmark Education
Education Technology


Infrastructure Architecture and
Infrastructure as a Code
Near Real-Time Data Analytics
Data warehousing
Web Development
API Development
Quality Assurance
Performance Testing
Design / UX


AWS Redshift
AWS Kinesis
AWS Cloudfront
AWS ECS (Fargate)
AWS CloudWatch
AWS RDS (Postgres)
AWS Lambda
AWS Glue
AWS Cloudformation
Circle CI
Java / Spring Boot

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