Developing Cutting-Edge Technology for Flexible and Secure Campus Classroom Access

Updating platform features to increase flexibility and usability

Blackboard Transact is an innovative, integrated technology system

that manages security and financial transactions and off-campus solutions, all with the security and convenience of a single campus ID.


Transact includes a classroom door access module with the ability to add in custom academic event schedules such as spring break, commencement, or reunion dates.

The existing product had an imposed limit of 30 events, which forced Administrators to manually remove old events so they could create new ones. Blackboard partnered with our team to design and develop a more sustainable and flexible framework that would make scheduling events and classroom access easier for admins.

Our team of experts created an initial module as part of their envisioned cloud-based solution known as Security Management Solution (SMS).

This solution interfaces with on-premise hardware (S2 Netbox) at universities to control door locks using access cards and a configurable schedule.

Our team also built a next-generation framework in which all modules can reside, including the initial module providing flexible, configurable options with an unlimited number of schedules. This framework also integrates with a module to grant room access based on user access level.


IntraEdge was initially contracted to work exclusively on the scheduling portion of the application.

Our team successfully collaborated with a distributed team in different time zones to design and develop this new cutting-edge technology ahead of schedule. Due to the success of the project and excellent team dynamics, our team was integrated into an existing Blackboard team to help finish related features on the platform. The SMS application now serves as a standard upon which future modules will be based.


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