Reaching the Destination by Delivering a Custom CRM

Collaboration, speed, and usability had never been more critical.

Delivering premier customer service has always been a pinnacle of our financial services client.

Within the industry leader’s premier service organization, the aim was no different: providing thousands of their high value customers with the travel industry’s best, most personalized planning and booking solutions as a benefit.


For years, internal relationship managers (RMs) used a combination of outdated technology and internal systems to accomplish their mission. They needed a better way forward and fast.

The financial service’s Vice President partnered with his internal technology partners and IntraEdge to help design, develop, and deliver a lean, custom customer relationship management (CRM) solution for its RMs to better serve their unique member base.

A diverse group of key stakeholders came together and cross-organization collaboration began, ensuring communication from everyone remained clear and constant. Delivering on their years of expertise and deep talent pool, IntraEdge brought eight local and full-time people to the table to ensure the project achieved every goal while also coordinating between nine other internal resources across functions.

After capturing everyone’s ideas during the product thinking session, we created prototypes and conducted user testing.

From there, iterative tests and design reviews became regular milestones along the journey, ensuring things were placed in RMs’ hands as quickly as possible. The result was one of the fastest, most iterative projects ever delivered within the financial giant: a custom CRM.


Upon the beta rollout of the CRM solution with all RMs, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Taking 85% less time than expected to train staff, leadership’s original goal for usability had been achieved. In the executives own words, “We designed exactly what our team needed for the best possible service to our customers, because in the end, that’s what it’s all about — delivering the best service possible. IntraEdge helped us achieve that goal, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished together.”


Financial Services Company


Agile Transformation
Design Thinking
Project Management
Web Development
API Development
Database Development/Design


Node.js with Hapi/Joi
Java with Spring Boot
Continuous Integration
using Jenkins/CA XL Release
Private Cloud using

People are the Platform

At IntraEdge, we help innovative stakeholders accomplish their technology goals by quickly identifying the right talent, delivering flexible professional services, and providing skills-based training. Whatever technology solution we deliver, it always comes down to humans making things happen, which is why we believe at our very core that People are the Platform.

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