Tech meets
human connection

A caregiving roadmap in the palm of your hand.

Memento thoughtfully blends technology and human interaction

to support the range of needs that caregivers may have.


Memento approached us with a goal to provide caregivers with advanced tools that blend technology and human interaction to address their diverse needs. We collaborated with Memento to implement their vision by developing a robust technology platform for their caregiving application, which includes mobile and web applications, services and infrastructure.

IntraEdge architected, designed and implemented the solution on AWS Cloud. The solution included:

• Live 1:1 virtual meetings with a care expert
• 1:1 chats and instant messaging
• Real-time notifications
• Community meet-ups on timely topics

The first version of the application was successfully launched in November of 2021. The second version was launched in September of 2022. IntraEdge has been providing technology and infrastructure support for the application since the release of the second version.


This mobile platform helps caregivers manage daily household challenges, cope with the stress and emotions from caregiving, and connect with the right resources when and where they need them.

This tool was designed to be powered by the community. Memento offers coaching, tools and education to unblock common caregiving barriers to help people gain back the time and space to prioritize their own health, happiness and productivity.




Cross-platform Mobile
Development (iOS & Android)
AWS Infrastructure Setup
Microservices Development
Managed Services Support
Analytics and BI Reporting


React Native (iOS and Android)
Elastic Kubernetes Service
Aurora Postgres Serverless
AWS Glue
AWS Lambda
AWS Quicksight
AWS API Gateway
AWS Appmesh
AWS Pinpoint
AWS Workspaces

People are the Platform

At IntraEdge, we help innovative stakeholders accomplish their technology goals by quickly identifying the right talent, delivering flexible professional services, and providing skills-based training. Whatever technology solution we deliver, it always comes down to humans making things happen, which is why we believe at our very core that People are the Platform.

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