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Byndr was designed to make teaching and learning simple, effective, and collaborative.

Byndr intends to bind, to be the missing link in the chain of providing a seamless education in and outside of the classroom. Byndr strengthens teacher-student and student-student communication, and provides accessibility to the course curriculum through social learning. It is easy for students to access and convenient for teachers to plan, evaluate, and support, all on any device.

Bring Students, Teachers & Administrators Together

Byndr helps educational institutions by connecting every student with the best educational resources available for continuous learning by providing easy-to-use, fast, secure, mobile-first technology tools to benefit the stakeholders. Byndr can handle daily tasks such as attendance, student and teacher performance analysis, and posting and managing assignments efficiently. The features are specially developed to keep students engaged and connected to educational resources outside of the classroom.

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