Accelerating Growth Through Dependable Site Reliability Engineering

A transformative approach with the availability to optimize system performance and deliver exceptional services

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Project Details

Fluidra stands as a global leader in the pool and wellness industry with a diverse product offering that covers every niche in their trade. They are the largest leading commercial, residential pool, and spa equipment manufacturer with an expansive global footprint covering over 45 countries.

Fluidra’s existing IT support model was underutilized, in need of dedicated resources, and lacked expertise in optimizing efficiency. Leveraging our team’s expertise, we developed a SRE Support model that not only addressed these shortcomings but also ensured the stability, performance, and scalability Fluidra required.


The client expressed dissatisfaction with their existing support model and was actively exploring alternative approaches to enhance its efficiency. Their IT platform suffered from underutilization, difficulty of maintaining dedicated resources, and finding expertise in SRE Support; Fluidra needed a strategy to meet these challenges.


To create a SRE Support model that is


Our team developed a SRE Support model combing software engineering best practices with operations expertise to enhance the reliability, efficiency, and resilience of their platform. This model employs proactive strategies, automation, and continuous improvement to maximize system efficiency and provide outstanding services to Fluidra’s customers.


We were able to enhance platform observability, streamline incident management, automate routine tasks, and empower the support team. These efforts resulted in improved system reliability, faster incident resolution, and overall operational efficiency for the Fluidra IOT Platform. Furthermore, we were able to…


Continued Success

At IntraEdge, we have continued to work and support Fluidra in other aspects of their company. Highlighted below are additional noteworthy projects that have achieved remarkable success…

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