Expanding market research through client partnerships by utilizing LTI (Learning Tool Inoperability)

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Project Details

OcuWeld, a welding in virtual reality simulation implemented by Stratatech on Meta Quest headsets, guides students in a low-pressure and safe virtual environment, that simulates real life welding.


OcuWeld’s accessibility to course content and assessments was reliant on integration with the Canvas LMS. To expand their market presence, StrataTech sought a solution to ensure both OcuWeld and their course content platform were not tied to any specific LMS.



IntraEdge, in partnership with Unicon, developed a platform to distribute content via LTI and manage transactions between OcuWeld and the LMS. This enables StrataTech to create content in Canvas, synchronize it to their platform, and easily link it to any LTI-supporting LMS. The improved process allowed Ocuweld users to login and submit scores seamlessly to the platform without requiring a direct connection to LMS.



Technologies Used

The entire platform has been developed using cloud-native technologies, leveraging AWS Cloud services such as ECS Fargate, Aurora (Postgres) Serverless, ALB, CloudFront, S3, WAF, Athena, CloudWatch, Control Tower, and others.

The CMS (Content Management System) is powered by headless CMS: Strapi.