Providing modernization and security to internal processes resulting in a more secure, scalable, and reliable system.

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Project Details

Our client, Shield Leasing, initiated a program aimed at providing individuals with limited or no credit access to affordable payments for new vehicle parts. However, the current system was outdated and lacked sufficient security measures, causing delays in delivery, and resulting in a backlog of customers.


Shield Leasing enlisted a previous vendor to develop the initial application but was not satisfied with the result. They sought out a partnership with an agency capable of modernizing their current application and implementing additional security controls to ensure its security, scalability, and reliability.



IntraEdge conducted an evaluation of Shield Leasing’s existing application to identify areas of improvement and suggested an alternative architecture. Following this assessment, a new approach did not necessitate rewriting the existing application code. Instead, we embarked on a gradual modernization of their application architecture, transitioning to microservices and containers.

These solutions provided:


IntraEdge was able to provide Sheild Leasing an application process that promoted high scalability, robust security measures, fault tolerance, and demanded minimal operational overhead.


Technologies Used

AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, AWS Beanstalk, PHP (Laravel), NodeJS, WordPress, CloudWatch, XRay, Step Functions, SQS, SNS, AWS ControlTower, CloudFormation, Kinesis, S3, Athena, CloudTrail